The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Los Angeles Chapter is teaming up with the Orange County, San Diego, SF Bay Area, and the Inland Empire chapters to bring you the FIFTH Annual AppSec California. The event is a one of a kind experience for information security professionals, developers, and QA and testing professionals, as they gather at the beach from around the world to learn and share knowledge and experiences about secure systems and secure development methodologies.

One and Two-day training sessions on various subjects by expert trainers kick off the conference on January 28th. World renown speakers follow on days three and four.

There will be four concurrent tracks throughout the day on both January 30 and 31, addressing a variety of topics to enhance knowledge.

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James Nesbitt

IoE Events

I have over 16 years experience in developing information sharing opportunities for public and private industry professionals, and a passion for Cyber Security and Smart Infrastructure. The Cyber Senate represents the best in relationship development and thought leadership on a global level. A robust and resilient cyber security strategy is the most important directive on the international agenda, not only addressing current developments, but also how we intend on protecting and securing future generations.

Over the last four years leading the Cyber Senate, I have worked with global CISO’s, front line IT and OT professionals, leading Subject Matter Experts many consider legends and some of the world’s most respected hacking professionals. Although we may never truly get ahead of evolving advanced persistent threats with our reliance on connectivity and greater needs for efficiency, we are confident through a unified and global effort between us all, that we can detect, mitigate and respond collectively through information sharing platforms like the Cyber Senate.

I hope you will support our vision and help us create a common voice for the cyber security and industrial control sectors.